Top 3 Link Building Resources You Can Use In Your SEO Campaign Now

link building resources

Search engine optimization has slowly proven itself as one of the indispensable components of digital marketing. 

SEO strategists, up to this time, has been continually researching and testing for best tools and link building resources that can be used to effectively improve SEO value to a business website.

Luckily, a list of link building resources has increased over time as most SEO strategists have been kind enough to share valuable knowledge with the SEO community.

Authority and trustworthiness of the page are key elements which lead to a higher ranking in search engine results, the reason why the type of resources being used should be well-thought out.

Of course, human creativity should not discredit despite the overwhelming tools and resources that are readily available for SEO strategists. Amongst are Top 3 link building resources that are commonly used as listed below.

  1. Broken Link Building Bible

broken link buildingIt is a link building tactic where you need to find a broken link, recreate and replace it with more valuable content links.

You need to be mindful thou of distinguishing a broken from a dead link as the latter does not contribute any impact to your site.

Moreover, there are two top rebuilding tools that can be used in content creation: Wayback Machine and Warrick.


  1.  Use of Educational Link Bait

link baitingWith the evolution of link building, educational sites have been a consistent source of high-quality links.

Though perceived to be one of the powerful and authoritative backlinks, these are hard to get.

However, reading some guides can best help you like the Wordstream’s guide to using editorial linkbait to get .edu links.


  1. Linking Out to Relevant Pages

relevanceAmong the benefits that your website can take advantage of in linking out instead of doing the traditional strategy of link building is the exposure your site gets and the chance for other sites to link back to your page as well.

While some are anxious that linking out to relevant pages can affect site rankings, no proof of such consequence has seen yet.

On a positive note, perhaps doing so can broaden your network and adds value to your site in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Many businesses already acknowledged the relevance of these top 3 link building resources reason why affordable SEO services for any small business are aggressively sought after by SME owners.

If you are into SEO client servicing, perhaps it’s time to reconsider this.