Planning to Start a Client SEO Business? Here Are 5 Tips You May Need To Consider

client seo

SEO will continue to grow beyond the expectations of people.

This simply means that more opportunities await anyone who wants to advance in the SEO field.

Also, business owners will have more options to reach their target markets.

If you’re planning to start a client SEO business, here are some factors that you have to know deeply:

The Budget

budgetYour budget or capital is as important as the budget of the client.

Nowadays, you can get all resources online by tapping the right sources. A decent budget will pay for tools, a small office, and other day-to-day expenses (Starbucks ain’t free!).

You don’t need a very large budget – that will just give room for excuses and mental hindrances.

Just create your plan, secure a moderate budget, and execute as soon as you can!

The Industry

digital marketing industryYou shouldn’t enter an industry that you don’t know about.

SEO can be overwhelming, so you have to study the best resources that you can find.

Read up about SEO algorithm changes, link building strategies, some other link building resources and know who the power players are.

Learn from then, and you’ll definitely step up your game.

The Competition

competitionIt’s undeniable that competition in SEO is fierce. You’d be fighting tooth and nail with other SEO experts just to gain the trust of a client.

Since you’re just starting out, you need to gauge your target clients and assess your capabilities.

Strike a fine balance so that you can charge properly and deliver what’s expected.

Expectations & Barriers

barrierYour first clients will have high bars of expectations for your business – even if their budget is not at par.

Therefore, as a business owner, you must learn how to manage SEO expectations and failures and key barriers to your client SEO business.

List down the expectations, and figure out how to deal with them.

Your SEO Team

seo teamIf you have an SEO team, you need to be sure of their real capabilities and attitudes. Don’t assess an employee based on resume alone.

Remember, a CV can be forged in just minutes, but attitude takes years to mold.

A person with poor attitude will drag your team down.

You should also analyze the skills of your team so you can position them to specific roles.

So, do you want to start an SEO business despite the potential challenges?

Once you’ve analyzed the factors, it’s time to draft your grand plan. Whatever happens, don’t go into the SEO business without a plan at all. Additionally, you should also make your plan as detailed as possible!

This will avoid confusion between you and your team.


Now that you’re equipped with the top 5 tips for client SEO, here’s a bonus video on how to get clients like a boss from Chase Reiner to start your SEO servicing journey as soon as today!