Top 3 Link Building Tactics You Need To Learn

backlinking tactics

At the top of an SEO strategist mind, link building is about creating and making valuable links to promote a website or putting it in an impressive Google search rank. When you have already employed link building strategies, the process will not stop there because it would still require a method on how you can properly secure links.


Link building tactics are something that those good to hire SEO experts in Philippines already know and in fact, there are thousands of ways on how this can be done. But in terms of effectivity, below are the Top 3 tactics in securing a link.


Links to resources

resource page linksThis resources may be in a form of complex guides, often-needed documents, curated lists and more.

It then serves as a valuable resource especially on the niche your website is directing at.

It would be best to publish own written contents on your website but linking through resources is also an option that helps website exposure by sharing worthy resources already available on the web.

Make sure though that you are linking from a reputable site.


Links through content

website contentThe main goal of this method is to target high authority websites.

This can be done by identifying blogs, publications or news sites, infographics, or doing an interview with a person with authority in your niche. Take this as an advantage for your website’s exposure and in building a reputation as well in the targeted industry.

It is also good that you are doing something creative for the website’s content and not just solely based on a written form. Video blogs is an example.


Links through community


The first-two preceding methods should have helped you build connection and relationship to your niche-community.

But engaging in activities such as attending an industry event, presenting in trade shows and the like gives you the impression of sincerity and commitment.  

Oftentimes, being participative in activities directly involving your niche is a good way of letting the community be aware of your existence and grow your network as well. The main objective really then is visibility which adds value to your business both in short and long-run.