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Planning to Start a Client SEO Business? Here Are 5 Tips You May Need To Consider

client seo

SEO will continue to grow beyond the expectations of people.

This simply means that more opportunities await anyone who wants to advance in the SEO field.

Also, business owners will have more options to reach their target markets.

If you’re planning to start a client SEO business, here are some factors that you have to know deeply:

The Budget

budgetYour budget or capital is as important as the budget of the client.

Nowadays, you can get all resources online by tapping the right sources. A decent budget will pay for tools, a small office, and other day-to-day expenses (Starbucks ain’t free!).

You don’t need a very large budget – that will just give room for excuses and mental hindrances.

Just create your plan, secure a moderate budget, and execute as soon as you can!

The Industry

digital marketing industryYou shouldn’t enter an industry that you don’t know about.

SEO can be overwhelming, so you have to study the best resources that you can find.

Read up about SEO algorithm changes, link building strategies, some other link building resources and know who the power players are.

Learn from then, and you’ll definitely step up your game.

The Competition

competitionIt’s undeniable that competition in SEO is fierce. You’d be fighting tooth and nail with other SEO experts just to gain the trust of a client.

Since you’re just starting out, you need to gauge your target clients and assess your capabilities.

Strike a fine balance so that you can charge properly and deliver what’s expected.

Expectations & Barriers

barrierYour first clients will have high bars of expectations for your business – even if their budget is not at par.

Therefore, as a business owner, you must learn how to manage SEO expectations and failures and key barriers to your client SEO business.

List down the expectations, and figure out how to deal with them.

Your SEO Team

seo teamIf you have an SEO team, you need to be sure of their real capabilities and attitudes. Don’t assess an employee based on resume alone.

Remember, a CV can be forged in just minutes, but attitude takes years to mold.

A person with poor attitude will drag your team down.

You should also analyze the skills of your team so you can position them to specific roles.

So, do you want to start an SEO business despite the potential challenges?

Once you’ve analyzed the factors, it’s time to draft your grand plan. Whatever happens, don’t go into the SEO business without a plan at all. Additionally, you should also make your plan as detailed as possible!

This will avoid confusion between you and your team.


Now that you’re equipped with the top 5 tips for client SEO, here’s a bonus video on how to get clients like a boss from Chase Reiner to start your SEO servicing journey as soon as today!

How To Bounce Back From a Failed SEO Campaign

failed seo

Failing to reach your SEO expectations can be demoralizing. You’ll lose precious time and resources, and it may take months before you bounce back.

Still, you have a fighting chance! Day by day, hundreds of small businesses are getting pummeled by market forces.

Only the toughest of the tough will get out alive, and they will even face greater challenges.

Here are some of the strategies that you can apply to rebuild your digital marketing initiative:

Reassess & Recalibrate

reevaluate seoYou should always learn from failure, otherwise it’ll be meaningless, and you just took two major hits.

Start by reassessing your SEO campaign.

These are some of the questions that you must answer.

Through proper reassessment and recalibration, you’ll know how to bounce back.

At this point, it’s also advisable to consult industry experts so that you’d know how to proceed.

Create Better Milestones

SEO milestoneYour campaign has probably failed because of improper or unclear milestones. Or you don’t have milestones at all! Milestones are small goals that would ensure that your project is on the right alignment.

These are navigational beacons that would help your team assess and re-assess throughout the campaign.

If a milestone lacks directive, then it would fail.

Depending on the milestone’s importance, it can take down the whole part (or half) of the SEO campaign.

You don’t want that to happen again.

So, you need to go back to the drawing board and make better milestones. Be clear about objectives and expectations.

Review past actions and see how they can affect the overall direction of the campaign.

Your new milestones should give you a better foresight so that future errors can be prevented even before they cause any glint of worry.

Minimalize & Execute

execute seo planMinimalism can work for you, even though things are fast-paced in SEO and link building. Work with the minimal resources and manpower that you can find.

As soon as possible, execute your new plan and tweak the necessary factors as you go. You don’t need to be flashy, since you’re on the process of getting up from rubble.

If your SEO campaign failed to reach its mark, don’t give up – there is still hope. Remember that SEO is a big war with almost infinite battles. You don’t have to fight all battles – just the ones that you’re aligned with.

So, learn well from your defeat and continue your SEO journey!

Top 3 Link Building Tactics You Need To Learn

backlinking tactics

At the top of an SEO strategist mind, link building is about creating and making valuable links to promote a website or putting it in an impressive Google search rank. When you have already employed link building strategies, the process will not stop there because it would still require a method on how you can properly secure links.


Link building tactics are something that those good to hire SEO experts in Philippines already know and in fact, there are thousands of ways on how this can be done. But in terms of effectivity, below are the Top 3 tactics in securing a link.


Links to resources

resource page linksThis resources may be in a form of complex guides, often-needed documents, curated lists and more.

It then serves as a valuable resource especially on the niche your website is directing at.

It would be best to publish own written contents on your website but linking through resources is also an option that helps website exposure by sharing worthy resources already available on the web.

Make sure though that you are linking from a reputable site.


Links through content

website contentThe main goal of this method is to target high authority websites.

This can be done by identifying blogs, publications or news sites, infographics, or doing an interview with a person with authority in your niche. Take this as an advantage for your website’s exposure and in building a reputation as well in the targeted industry.

It is also good that you are doing something creative for the website’s content and not just solely based on a written form. Video blogs is an example.


Links through community


The first-two preceding methods should have helped you build connection and relationship to your niche-community.

But engaging in activities such as attending an industry event, presenting in trade shows and the like gives you the impression of sincerity and commitment.  

Oftentimes, being participative in activities directly involving your niche is a good way of letting the community be aware of your existence and grow your network as well. The main objective really then is visibility which adds value to your business both in short and long-run.

Multiply Your Income By Creating Your Own Digital Products

digital products

Have you ever wondered how to make your own digital product?

Few years ago, taking this path is somehow difficult because of limited resources.

Now, times have changed. Almost everyone knows how to make a digital product – execution is just the problem.

Do you have the burning desire to multiply your income? Then you should take a look at these 4 digital products:

E-Books and Pamphlets

ebookThis is the E-Book era where everyone devours all sorts of information accordingly.

If you’re a writer, then you can make a living by selling E-books and online pamphlets.

Just make sure that you’ve cornered a profitable niche or you’d be selling peanuts.

Remember the magic word as well: community. Build a community focused on your E-book/s, then money will roll in.


Email Courses

email coursesEmail courses have increased in numbers over the past years.

This is a signal of heavy competition, but also a clear sign of opportunity.

As long as you’ve zeroed in on the right niche and you have the persistence of a deity, you’ll find the best buyers and participants of your email course/s.

You should try learning about persuasive email marketing as well.


Graphics Work

graphicsGraphic designers are some of the huge earners of Internet today.

A simple design can yield thousands of dollars, and the hourly working scene looks better than ever.

As a graphic designer, you can sell logos, caricatures, sketches, and even 3D avatars that you’ve made.

If you’re looking for hourly work, make sure that it’s very feasible.


PLR Articles

plrPerhaps the oldest of the bunch, PLR articles led to the proliferation of content in the cyberspace.

It’s a double-edged sword because content makers were able to churn good and bad quality content.

If you have a flair for writing, you can set up a small PLR site and sell your articles.

If you’re just starting out, the income is small. But sooner or later, it would steamroll intro hundreds of dollars per month. You better have a deep love of multiple niches!


A Gentle Reminder

The products mentioned above have the potential to help you earn big, but they won’t make you rich.

Rather, investments would make your rich, and digital products are the bridges that will help you secure those. Don’t believe the gurus who claim that you’re just one E-Book away from your first million.

That’s a big bunch of baloney.

Keep hustling with your products, and you’d hit the sweet spot eventually!

Top 3 Link Building Resources You Can Use In Your SEO Campaign Now

link building resources

Search engine optimization has slowly proven itself as one of the indispensable components of digital marketing. 

SEO strategists, up to this time, has been continually researching and testing for best tools and link building resources that can be used to effectively improve SEO value to a business website.

Luckily, a list of link building resources has increased over time as most SEO strategists have been kind enough to share valuable knowledge with the SEO community.

Authority and trustworthiness of the page are key elements which lead to a higher ranking in search engine results, the reason why the type of resources being used should be well-thought out.

Of course, human creativity should not discredit despite the overwhelming tools and resources that are readily available for SEO strategists. Amongst are Top 3 link building resources that are commonly used as listed below.

  1. Broken Link Building Bible

broken link buildingIt is a link building tactic where you need to find a broken link, recreate and replace it with more valuable content links.

You need to be mindful thou of distinguishing a broken from a dead link as the latter does not contribute any impact to your site.

Moreover, there are two top rebuilding tools that can be used in content creation: Wayback Machine and Warrick.


  1.  Use of Educational Link Bait

link baitingWith the evolution of link building, educational sites have been a consistent source of high-quality links.

Though perceived to be one of the powerful and authoritative backlinks, these are hard to get.

However, reading some guides can best help you like the Wordstream’s guide to using editorial linkbait to get .edu links.


  1. Linking Out to Relevant Pages

relevanceAmong the benefits that your website can take advantage of in linking out instead of doing the traditional strategy of link building is the exposure your site gets and the chance for other sites to link back to your page as well.

While some are anxious that linking out to relevant pages can affect site rankings, no proof of such consequence has seen yet.

On a positive note, perhaps doing so can broaden your network and adds value to your site in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Many businesses already acknowledged the relevance of these top 3 link building resources reason why affordable SEO services for any small business are aggressively sought after by SME owners.

If you are into SEO client servicing, perhaps it’s time to reconsider this.